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Higher Interest Rates Create a Buyer's Market

May 30, 2024

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a Home

Navigating the real estate market can be complex, especially with fluctuating interest rates and housing prices. However, there's a compelling argument for buying a home now rather than waiting for interest rates to drop. Here's why:

The Current Market Dynamics

Home prices are likely to rise once interest rates go down. You have more negotiating power right now because many potential buyers are holding off until rates decrease. Meanwhile, sellers still need to sell, creating opportunities for savvy buyers to secure a good deal.

Strategic Home Buying

From my experience over the past 20 years, I've learned that timing and strategy are crucial in real estate. Here are the three key factors I consider when purchasing a home:

  1. Market Condition: Have most of the homes in the price range I'm shopping been on the market for more than 60 days? 
  2. Good Structural Bones: Does the home have a layout that appeals as well as a "WOW" factor?
  3. Location: To get the best price, you may need to go just outside of a current hot spot, knowing that it will be the area's future hot spot. This strategy will typically result in a lower purchase price today but a higher selling price in the future.

New vs. Existing Homes

If you are still considering purchasing the home based on the above factors, look at the neighborhood next.  Is there new construction?  If yes, what is the cost per foot of a new build?  What level of upgrades are included (high-end, mid or low)?  Compare new construction and existing homes on the market to the home you're deciding if you would like to purchase.  Is there value?  If a remodel is needed, will it increase your value at least 20% over the cost of the remodel?  

The Power of Refinancing

When interest rates go down, it will bring many more buyers to the negotiating table. The result will be listing prices that increase and sellers that may not be willing to budge off of their asking price.  With fewer buyers willing to pay today's interest rate, it is much easier to negotiate large decreases in asking prices.  Take that savings compared to the potential interest rate decrease, and you will usually be in a much better financial position than if you waited for the rate to drop.   

Expert Guidance

As a licensed real estate agent and designer, I'm here to help you navigate your home-buying and selling experience. I can assist you in selling your home for top dollar and negotiating your next purchase at the lowest possible price. Additionally, I work with talented, easy to understand, lenders who provide clear numbers on what you can afford based on the monthly payment as well as cost comparisons to refi when rates drop versus waiting to purchase when sales prices increase due to higher buyer demand.


In real estate, timing and strategy are everything. With careful planning and the right support, you can make a wise investment now that will pay off in the future. Don't wait for interest rates to drop—seize the opportunity now and set yourself up for future financial success with your new home.